1-8 may 2020

Surf a secluded pirate island. Uncover undiscovered surf spots. Experience an unlikely mix of Iceland,Hawaii and New Zealand

As Instagram influencers become one of the driving force behind tourist trends, the Azores islands have been a beneficiary. Azores makes the ideal backdrop for the perfect Instagram post with its volcanic landscapes, fantastically green mountains, and stormy Atlantic ocean.
Nevertheless, it’s still not the kind of place where you’re overwhelmed by tourists and never catch a glimpse of a local. The reason is that, here, the beaches aren’t sandy so you can’t sunbathe on the beach with a cocktail in hand. The beach is pebbly or covered in black sand and stones, and the water is quite rough.
Although this may not be ideal for some, this is exactly what makes it the perfect surf destination for us. It’s a surf paradise and a sublime blend of Iceland, Hawaii, and New Zealand. Because Azores isn’t yet on the world map when it comes to surfing and because the locals don’t really surf, we’re often the only ones hitting the waves.
Santa Iria

Long, left pointbreak that can be powerful and lined-up but can also be easier performance walls suitable for beginner/improvers. At high tide access is blocked.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterLeft-hand pointbreak
  • SeabedUneven Reef
  • Swell DirectionW-NE
  • Wind DirectionSoutherly
  • Swell Range2-20 ft
Monte Verde

The only north-facing beachbreak in the Azores. Quality, black sand beachbreak that picks up a huge range of swells.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterPeaky beachbreak
  • SeabedSand
  • Swell DirectionSW-E
  • Wind DirectionSouth Easterly
  • Swell Range1-10 ft
Santa Barbara

Fast, hollow and bowly beachbreaks. The outer reef is part of an extinct volcano crater rim, causing wedging peaks to come in from different directions.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterPeaky beachbreak
  • SeabedSand
  • Swell DirectionSW-E
  • Wind DirectionSoutherly
  • Swell Range2-12 ft
Rabo de Peixe

Vertical take-offs, powerful pockets and fast sections can change into easier drops and cutback shoulders.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterLeft-hand Pointbreak
  • SeabedBoulders
  • Swell DirectionW-NE
  • Wind DirectionSoutherly
  • Swell Range6-15 ft

A righthand pointbreak on the north side and a left on the south side of the bay. Off the northern headland of Praia dos Mosteiros there is another cruisey righthander.

  • Best tideMid to high tide
  • CharacterLeft-hand and Right-hand Pointbreaks
  • SeabedUneven Reef
  • Swell DirectionSW-W
  • Wind DirectionSouth Easterly
  • Swell Range4-10 ft
Santa Clara

Heavy righthand reef off the southern tip of Ponta Delgada. Critical take-offs and high speed barrel sections are part of the challenge for experts only.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterRight-hand break over submerged reef
  • SeabedUneven reef
  • Swell DirectionSE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range10-30 ft

Extremely flexible city beachbreak with a massive swell window and many moods.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterPeaky beachbreak
  • SeabedUneven reef and sand
  • Swell DirectionNE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range1-18 ft
Santa Cruz

Rocky left in the middle of town that needs a strong, clean S-SW swell. Short, fast and tubular ride over shallow reef.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterLeft-hand break over submerged reef
  • SeabedUneven reef
  • Swell DirectionSE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range3-12 ft
Agua de Alto

Another south-facing beachbreak and the second option if Populo is too crowded. Good beginners spot with lots of peaks and plenty of room.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterPeaky beachbreak
  • SeabedSand
  • Swell DirectionNE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range2-8 ft
Vila Franca

Reef peak in the shadow of Ilheu da Vila, but still picks up swell from many directions. Punchy and sucky, with good length of ride.

  • Best tideMid to high tide
  • CharacterSubmerges reef with peaky waves
  • SeabedUneven reef
  • Swell DirectionNE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range3-12 ft
Ponta Garca

East of the town of Ponta Garca is a stretch of rocky beaches below cliffs. It's a good place for learners who aren't afraid of a few rocks.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterPeaky Beachbreak
  • SeabedUneven Reef and Sand
  • Swell DirectionNE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range2-10 ft
Ribeira Quente

Heavy left peeling down side of large jetty construction.

  • Best tideAll tides
  • CharacterLeft off a Pier. Groyne or Jetty
  • SeabedUneven Reef
  • Swell DirectionNE-W
  • Wind DirectionNortherly
  • Swell Range3-15 ft

Before and after we surf

The picturesque fishing village of Ribeira Grande sets the scene for our morning coffee. Our accommodation is perfectly situated on the city's main square. The city is not at all touristy, and it still feels like fishing is the main source of income.
Azores is Portugal’s food bowl. The dairy is premium quality, and the steaks are as fantastic as the cheeses. The itinerary includes a visit to Portugal's most famous steak house, which is actually located in an agricultural research institute.

50:50 surf:explore

9 Text
In the other half of each day, we’ll hike in the Jurassic Park-esque wilderness, bathe in thermal volcanic lakes, or grill a mouth-watering steak. Azores is the kind of place where plan B is just as good as plan A.
Azores– Surf Break

1-8 MAY 2020




beginner, intermediate, advanced


couples, solo travelers, groups


Ponta Delgada airport


changable weather, 18-25 °C during the day, 16-19 °C during the night


17-23°C water, excellent beach breaks and performance quality point breaks


different types of surfboards, wetsuit renting, surf lessons and guiding, transfers to the best spots according to the actual conditions and surf knowledge


freshly renovated, super cozy house with rooms for 2-3-4 people each


private minivans and cars


local bars and restaurants in the village, get togethers on the patio of the main villa, visiting the most famous restaurants of the island


23 people is the maximum capacity


accommodation, local transport, surf instructions and surf guiding, surf and wetsuit renting, airport transfer from an to Ponta Delgada, breakfast


flight ticket, insurance, extra programs, other meals, visa if needed


based on the actual demand, usually 2 months prior the trip


40% upon application, 60% 2 month prior arrival



Due to the location of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a great swell is always guaranteed and our local surf guide Sergio will make sure you will be able to enjoy every minute of it. Taking every relevant aspect of the weather into consideration he figures out every morning which is the best spot on the island to ride the waves. We will be surfing at least once a day if time and weather allow even more. One of the biggest perks of having Sergio and his 15+ years of expertise with us is that everywhere we go it's usually only us and waves.


The Azores is home to some unique natural beauties a weird mixture of New Zealand and Hawaii in the doorstep of Europe. When not on the surfboards we will hike to some amazing peaks and bathe in volcanic thermal lakes, or explore stunning sights. As this wouldn't be enough already in the rest of our free time we will explore pineapple and tea plantations while tasting some amazing local cuisine.


An extremely developed dairy industry and juicy stakes are inevitable when it comes to prime dining on the islands. Not to mention the abundance of fresh seafood and locally sourced vegetables. The itinerary includes a visit to a restaurant where every component of all meals was grown on the islands.
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Azores Q & A
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