oct 2020

What is the anatomy of a wave? What’s a Berber market really like?

We’re firm believers that truly great travel is not just about ticking sights off a checklist, but about having unique experiences, and learning new skills that you can take back home with you. During our Moroccan adventure, you can learn extensively about two things: waves and Berber culture.
Let’s start with the waves. Morocco’s surfing mecca is Taghazout. Even if you’re a beginner, by the end of the week you’ll have the basics covered. The waves are consistent and no matter your ability, you’ll always find the right spot for you. Not only that, Morocco is the cheapest surf spot accessible direct from Europe. Plus, the surfing here is incredible! One of the highlights of the journey will be when the group surfs together under the warm glow of the setting Moroccan sun.
We’ll stay in a traditional Moroccan riad - a 2-storey house with multiple terraces facing the ocean. Each night, we’ll meet on the rooftop terrace, where we’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy a few drinks in a homely environment. From here we’ll have a view of Taghazout bay, including Africa’s most famous surf spot – Anchor Point.

Wave typology

periodwave heightliptube / barellfacetrue

Mellow wave

The waves break gently on the sea floor, making it easy to surf for all abilities. The longer the period between each wave, the larger the swell, creating a higher wave for surfing.

Hollow wave / tubing wave

The waves break on a steep reef or good quality sand/stone bank. For the more experienced surfer, mastering barrel riding inside a breaking wave is the ultimate surfing maneuver.


A heavy reef appears from the deep water, breaking in the shallows. This is the hardest wave to surf, and should be avoided at all cost by anyone except for "kamikazes" or pros.
In a nutshell, the longer and stronger the wind blows in the right direction, the bigger the swell will be. As the swell covers a bigger distance from the epicenter of the storm till the beach, the time interval between each wave grows. This means better surfing conditions, although keep in mind that the best wave for you will depend on your skill level. Different wave heights and wave types will suit individual surfers differently.
It’s not just surfing that makes Morocco an exciting travel destination. Berber culture and Moroccan cuisine also make this trip worthwhile. We plan to visit Marrakech, Agadir and Essaouira.

Wind keeps packs of tourists at bay

Essaouira is the most stunning coastal city in Morocco, which - thanks to its year-round strong winds - has kept its traditional atmosphere. The windy weather in Essaouira means long stays on the beach aren’t really an option, so hordes of tourists don’t really flock to Essaouira despite its obvious charm.
We’ll visit traditional Berber markets where, right next to chooks having their heads chopped off, we might select from traditional Berber woven crafts or sample brightly colourful Moroccan spices. The sights of Morocco are only rivalled by its sounds - none more iconic than the muezzin’s call to prayer that blasts across the city five times a day. If you choose to come with us deep into the desert, we’ll discover vivid canyons and a desert oasis – where you can jump into water from 25 metres high.
Marockerz– Surf Camp

OCT 2020

€690in double rooms
€570in community area


ability level

beginner, intermediate, advanced

best suited for

couples, solo travelers, groups

meeting point

Marrakesh airport smoking pavilion in front of the Terminal


dry and sunny weather, 26-30 °C during the day, 18-22 °C during the night

surf conditions

20 °C water, friendly beach breaks and world class point breaks

surf package

different types of surfboards, wetsuit renting, surf lessons and guiding, transfers to the best spots according to the actual conditions and surf knowledge


Moroccan style ocean front apartments and villas

local transportation

private minivans and cars

free time/nightlife

lots of local bars and restaurants in the village, get togethers on the rooftop terrace of the main villa, bonfire at the beach, night clubs in Agadir

how big is the group?

24 people is the maximum capacity

what’s included

accommodation, local transport, surf instructions and surf guiding, surf and wetsuit renting, airport transfer from an to Agadir, breakfast, lunch, 1 community dinner

what’s not included

flight ticket, insurance, extra programs, other meals, visa if needed, airport transfer from an to Marrakesh

application deadline

2 months prior the trip

installment payment plan

40% upon application, 60% 2 month prior arrival


Send us your application! Once we receive your details, we will send you the booking information. To confirm your booking, a deposit of 40% of the price of the given trip (or the full balance if within two months of the departure date) is required. This can be done by bank transfer.

Questions before booking?
Get in touch, or just pick interested.

Thank you!

Our office will get in touch with you soon.
Marockerz Q & A

Do I need a visa?

It depends on your nationality. From most of the countries you will only need to fill out an immigration form on arrival for free. Please always check it on your local embassy’s website.

What will the weather be like, what kind of clothes should I take?

During the daytime it’s sunny and 20-28 °C, during the night it’s 17-23 °C. The water is 18-20 °C. Board short, 3.2 mm wetsuit (it’s included in the package if you don’t have your own) is needed. Take your hiking shoes and slippers with you. One jumper and a rain coat will be enough for sure!

For what kind of health issues should I be prepared?

We are travelling to Morocco, so you need to know that diarrhea and stomach infections can happen anytime. Tap water is not drinkable! It’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of clean water, a hand sanitizer and/or a small bottle of spirit in your bag.

What about food?

You will get the full menu as a part of the package, in addition there is a wide range of small coffees offering Western food in the city, usually run by French expats.

What kind of vaccinations should I have?

Please ask your local health authority. Usually there are no mandatory vaccinations.

Who will lead the tour and the various programs?

The tour is held with the assistance of local surf instructors and industry operators with many years of experience. They surf as well, so they know the good spots close to the accommodation. The instruction is their responsibility as well.

Are there any military or political risks?

Marrakesh is a very popular international tourist destination, where tourists feel safe. Our surf destination is an indigenous Berber Village which lives on the services offered for the surfers of the Western countries for dozen years, atrocities never occurred.

How much pocket money will I need?

You can make out your week from 50 EUR, if you go out a lot and buy some souvenirs you can still easily make it out of 200 EUR.

What is the local currency and where to change money? Are there ATM-s and can I pay by card?

1 EUR=10.6 MAD. First of all you can change an amount on the airport of Marrakesh, and later, based on the speed of your spendings, there will be possibilities to change your money next to our village (Banana Village). We’ll go to the change during the week by all means.

I’ve never surfed before, can I still come?

Obviously yes, at least the half of the group is always consists of beginners. We have found perfect conditions for beginners each year, and with the help of the professional instructors you will be able to learn the basics very effectively.

I'm kind of good in surf, won't I get bored?

The Moroccan coast we're going to is the home of world-class breaks, the world's most famous surfer regularly occur here as well. Eventough the date of the trip is not during the biggest swells, we usually found decent size waves every year and advanced spots, like Boilers and Anchor Point usually work too.

What can I do if I don’t like surfing?

We’re pretty sure that you’ll love surfing. In the same time Taghazout village has a very chill vibe and enjoying the Moroccan sun on a sandy beach or on the appartment's terrace is quite easy. On the other hand most of the group will surf at least half day every day, meaning we'll stay on the beach together in and out to the water.

Is it possible to buy and drink alcohol during the trip?

Buying is not really simple, there is a shop in the neighbouring town, but we recommend to prepare at the airport's duty free shop while thinking of the desinfection of your stomach.

What kind of insurance should I take out?

You should choose an insurance which expands surfing and is valid in Morocco. You should be aware that your bank card insurance is not valid in most cases.

What kind of accommodations should I expect on the trip?

There will be rooms with 2 or more beds in them, lots of community places and terraces with ocean view. The whole house is booked for our group.

Is it a problem if I want to come alone?

Not at all. There are always people who come alone, so you can be sure that you’ll make new friends!
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